How do we work? This is our process:

1. The Consultation:  You will meet with one of our Pet Sitter to discuss & assess the need of your Pet(s) in your home. We have forms the Pet sitter will bring with her/him (one copy stays with you). We understand all Pets are unique and need different level of care, we want to ensure that we know as much as possible regarding your Pet personality, likes, dislikes, favorite toy etc.

2. The best Pawkage tailored to your needs: Once we assess your needs we will provide you with a quote.

3. Discuss Key Pick-Up/Drop-Off.

4. Peace of Mind: Your pet will under the loving care of a sitter who care for Pets as her/his own.

5. Fun Part: Updates, your Pet sitter will send you daily reports which include pictures or videos, so you can share the fun and stay connected!


Adopt A Senior Pet!

The month of November is Adopt a Senior Pet! If you consider adding a new family member, please think of adopting an older dog or cat in need.

The benefits of adopting a Senior Pet:
• Already potty-trained
• Their personality is already established, and you can immediately know if you will be a good match for each other
• They are fully grown, no surprises, if you were told you puppy will be15 lbs. fully grown and ends up being 65 lbs.!
• Unfortunately, they are at a higher risk to be euthanized

Save a life, adopt a Senior dog or cat in need!

Source ASPCA

Guilt Free Pawkage

Introducing Moana Pet Services New Pawkage.

Guilt Free Pawkage:

  • Do you have plans for the evening?
  • Do you want the best care for your Pet?
  • Do you feel guilty leaving your Pet alone?

Our Pet sitter will take care of your Pet while you are away for the afternoon or evening.

*$40 for 1 hour.

*$35 per hour if you book 2 hours or more.


Puppy Pawkage

Puppy Pawkage  (Age varies based on the breed)

Your Puppy needs a different level of care that we provide:

  • Potty Routine
  • Feeding Routine
  • Social interaction with people and other Pets

Two 20 minutes Visits $40
(a puppy can hold it for as many hours as he/she is months old, plus 1, for a 3-month-old puppy, that’s 4 hours).

Moana Pet Blog


Welcome to Moana Pet Blog!

Here at Moana Pet Services, we value pets and think of them as crucial members of our families.

We believe that as Human beings it is our duty to care for our furry, fluffy, and feathered friends in exchange for their unconditional love.  That’s why we created this blog to share tips and tricks on how to care for your pet family members.